Duration: 1 day


This course teaches students how to develop the skills to proactively address change and meet the challenges of transition in the workplace. Students will work with various employees to overcome the problems encountered when making changes in your organization. Students will also learn how to develop the ability to effectively handle organizational changes by examining the transition process and understanding their own, and others, needs and responses to each phase. This course is designed with interactive exercises to ensure students understanding and success.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Fundamentals of change management

  • Topic A: Basics of change management
  • Topic B: Importance of change
  • Topic C: Leading change

Unit 2: Change process

  • Topic A: Steps of a change process
  • Topic B: Choose an action
  • Topic C: Implement the action
  • Topic D: Monitor the progress

Unit 3: Obstacles to change

  • Topic A: Resistance
  • Topic B: Complacency
  • Topic C: Crisis

Unit 4: Managing change

  • Topic A: Creativity
  • Topic B: Commitment
  • Topic C: Communication

Unit 5: Adapting to change

  • Topic A: Truths and misconceptions
  • Topic B: Factors affecting response
  • Topic C: "endings" phase

Unit 6: Coping with uncertainty

  • Topic A: The "exploration" phase
  • Topic B: Management of "exploration" phase

Unit 7: Moving forward

  • Topic A: "new beginnings" phase
  • Topic B: Management of "new beginnings" phase