Course length:  2-days


Course Description

Effective communication is the lifeblood of every organization.  Without it, you can say goodbye to aspirations of capable leadership, teamwork, customer service – or even the ability to execute a coherent business strategy.  All individuals exhibit their own method of perceiving the world around them, gathering information, making decisions, and approaching life in general.  These individual methods when not understood, can create many communication challenges across the company landscape.  A better understanding of interpersonal behavior positively affects our relationships with others, both personally and professionally.  Knowledge of the various communication behaviors enables us to more effectively handle the communication challenges that arise, specifically between individuals who possess different preferences and styles.

The workshop will help participants identify their communication style, and recognize the kinds of tasks and situations that are easiest and most challenging within their unique personality and communication dimensions.  Employees and managers will improve their communication skills by gaining a better understanding of their own unique interpersonal behavior, and effectively using that knowledge to more successfully manage personal and professional relationships.

Learn and assess the impact your communication style has on others and then explore how to improve those communication skills to make it easier to excel in your day to day communications.

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Identify four forms of communication

Lesson 2:  Self-assessment, “What’s My Communication Style?”

Lesson 3: Learn how “speed read” another person’s communication style

Lesson 4: Understand how to adopt your style to improve communication with others

Lesson 5:  Reflect on the impact that personal behavior preferences have previously had or are currently having in the student’s personal and professional life.

Lesson 6:  Determine an action plan to use newly acquired knowledge of communication styles to improve existing personal and professional relationships


Lesson 7: Acknowledge and examine the impact of differing individual styles represented by existing teams within the organization.

Lesson 8: Creating Positive Relationships

Lesson 9: Communication Basics

Lesson 10: Communication Barriers

Lesson 11: Asking Questions

Lesson 12: Listening Skills

Lesson 13: Body Language

Lesson 14: Frame of reference

Lesson 15: Techniques for the workplace

Lesson 16: Assertiveness

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