Course length:  2-days

Course Overview 

In this course, you will learn the true connotation of a conversation. You will learn verbal and physical cues that are essential in order to deliver and understand information quickly and accurately. You will gain a surety that you are able to communicate effectively and thereby increase your ability to request information, discuss problems, give instructions, work in teams, and converse with confidence when you interact with colleagues and clients. You will understand when to pause and give way for others in a conversation; conveying respect and a willingness to hear their point of view. In developing these communication skills, many aspects of your life will improve from your professional career to social gatherings to your family life. 

 Learning Objectives 

  • Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back.  
  • Develop skills to ask questions that give you the information you need.  
  • Learn your communication style and learn to interact with other styles. 
  • Adjust your mindset to stop overanalyzing a conversation.
  • Learn what your non-verbal messages are telling others and what theirs are telling you.
  • Understand what kinds of questions are needed to bring a conversation to life.
  • Develop skills to listen actively and empathetically to others.
  • Deal with situations assertively by learning the correct way to phrase conversations. 

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