Course Length:  2 days

Course Overview

This class can also be taught as a closed class specific to your company’s needs.

Learn the eight disciplines of problem-solving to focus on product and process improvement to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems. 8D establishes a permanent corrective action based on a statistical analysis of the problem and on the origin of the problem by determining the root causes. Each of the eight disciplines will be examined including class exercises.


Excel Level 1 Foundation

Excel Level 2 Intermediate

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • The 8D Method Explained
  • Defining symptoms, problems, and causes
  • Understanding the Process

Module 2: Breaking Down the Eight Disciplines

  • D0 – Preparing for the 8D Process
    • Introduce the 8D Reporting Template
  • D1 – Establishing the 8D Team and Defining Roles
    • Tools: Competence Matrix
    • Hierarchy
  • D2 – Describing the Problem
    • Translate observed statements into an actionable problem statement with a  detailed problem description.
    • Tools: Pareto Analysis
    • Is/Is-Not Analysis
  • D3 – Developing Proper Containment Actions
    • Tools: Timeline Diagram
  • D4 – Define and Verify Root Cause Analysis
    • Tools: Fishbone Diagram
  • D5 – Choose and Verify Permanent Corrective Actions
    • Tools: Paynter Chart
  • D6 – Implement and Validate Permanent Corrective Actions
    • Tools: Paynter Chart
  • D7 – Determining how to Prevent Re-occurrence
    • Tools: Decision-Making Trees
  • D8 – Recognize the Team and Individual Contributions
    • Tools: Complete the 8D Reporting Template

Module 3: 8D Example Cases