5 Day

Prepare to achieve the APMG Change Management™ Foundation and Practitioner certifications in this training course. As a certified Change Management Practitioner, you will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in managing change in an organization, including how people deal with change, the different types of organizational change, and how to work with stakeholders during a change initiative.

Key Features of this Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • End-of-course exam included- separate from the Certification

You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare for and take the APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Exams
  • Improve exam-taking techniques with practice exam questions
  • Work as an informed member of an organizational change team
  • Apply and tailor change management guidance in organizational change situations

Recommended Experience

Previous change management experience is helpful but not required.

Course Outline


    • A minimum of 15 hours of pre-course reading is required, with the following materials, which will be sent three weeks in advance: "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook" and "The Pre-Course Study Guide"
    • Two hours of home study are required after each course day

A Change Management Perspective

    • Using organizational paradigms to better respond to different ways of working
    • Recognizing organizations as either machines, brains, political systems or flux and transformation
    • Developing the sequence for change taking into account Lewin's 3-stage and Kotter's 8-step models
    • Establishing a framework for change leadership roles, involving the change sponsor, change agent and line manager
    • Adjusting approaches to allow for the prevalent culture within an organization
    • Applying mechanisms that allow change to evolve where emergent change is appropriate

Defining Change

    • Identifying organizational drivers of change
    • Analyzing the impact of change with Force-Field Analysis and then applying appropriate steps
    • Differentiating between Vision Statement and Mission Statement
    • Avoiding common pitfalls of writing a Vision Statement
    • Aligning change management structures with project management governance
    •   Change Management Practice

Change Impact

    • Three ways to categorize the impact of change
    • Assessing the impact of change on the organization and its stakeholders
    • The benefits of a change severity assessment in planning change

Change Readiness

    • Increasing motivation to change using the Change Formula
    • Laying foundations for successful change
    • Building a Change Team
    • Managing resistance to change
    • Embedding and sustaining change

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Strategy

    • Seven principles of stakeholder engagement
    • Identifying stakeholders using the CPIG classification
    • Determining appropriate levels of engagement by applying stakeholder radars and two-dimensional maps
    • Managing relationships and mobilizing stakeholders
    • Developing influencing strategies

Communication and Engagement

    • Improving change communication effectiveness using five best practice guidelines
    • Producing a Communication Plan using AIDA

Change and the Individual

How individuals respond to change

    • Preparing people for change
    • Recognizing and responding to a range of motivational factors
    • Facilitating change through the Change Curve
    • Leading change and transition through Bridges' model of human transitions

Education and learning support

    • Anticipating learning and motivational resistance
    • Producing a Training Plan

Foundation Exam: Day 4

    • Completing the necessary APMG paperwork
    • Taking the exam
    • Obtaining your Foundation Exam results

Practitioner Exam: Day 5

    • Preparing individually for exam
    • Taking the exam


APMG Certified Change Management Foundations

APMG Certified Change Management Practioner