6 Day

*A Green Belt certificate is a prerequisite for this Course

Six Sigma Black Belt Training Features

      • All course leaders are Master Black Belts with extensive project knowledge and real world experience
      • Practical approach to applying statistical analysis utilizing Minitab 17 software, considered to be the global standard in Six Sigma.
      • Each week of class includes support and project consultation with Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt Course Features

      • Special Pricing for the Black Belt Course Includes Black Belt Project Certification
      • Ability to purchase a highly discounted copy of Minitab 17 software.
      • If Purchased with a Green Belt Course selection we will provide a $1000 discount coupon on the combined programs (dates must be sequential)

Each day of training will be 6 hours long, with breaks included. After obtaining this training, you can lead a qualified team on a Black Belt project.

Class Agenda

Week 1 Six Sigma Black Belt Training Topics

  • Week 1 and 2 Review Project
  • Multiple Regression
  • Advanced Mult-Vari
  • Attribute Measurements
  • Attribute Measurement Systems
  • Sample Size Calculations
  • Six Sigma for Service
  • Managing Change
  • Introduction to DOE
  • Full Factorial Experiments
  • Full Factorial Simulations
  • Fractional Factorials Designs
  • DOE Sample Size Selection
  • In class DOE Project
  • Project Planning & Deliverables
  • Project Reviews Measurement

Week 2 Six Sigma Black Belt Training Topics

  • Design of Experiments Review
  • Blocking in Experiments
  • General Factorial Experiments
  • Residual Analysis
  • Non-Normal Data – Transformations
  • Non-Normal Data in Experiments
  • Sequential Experimentation
  • Response Optimization Designs
  • Multiple Response Optimization
  • Transactional Improvements
  • Simulations for Improvement
  • Applied Experimentation
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Control Methods
  • Project Closure and Synergy
  • Class Project
  • Integration of Lean
  • Project Reviews



Certification at Black Belt requires completion of the course + application of concepts in a process improvement project chosen by the student.  The instructor provides coaching outside of training to candidates by email, phone or web-based meetings. Six Sigma provides project templates that can be used and submitted at the end for review.  Typical Six Sigma projects aim to solve a problem where the solution is not immediately evident and the roadmap provides a structured approach to problem-solving.

Students will receive a certificate of completion after training.  Once the final project is reviewed and approved students will receive their final certificate as a certified Black Belt.