Course Length: 2  -days

Course Description

Learn to develop your influence to gain commitment from direct reports, peers and bosses. You will examine leadership studies and learn to implement tools to influence people and events in the workplace regardless of the position you hold.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Why Influence: The benefits gained

Lesson 2: The Influence Model: Trading What they Want to What You’ve Got (Using Reciprocity and Exchange)

Lesson 3: Goods and Services: The Currencies of Exchange

Lesson 4: How to Know What They Want: Understanding Their Worlds (And The Forces on Them)

Lesson 5: You Have More to Offer Than You Think If You Know Your Goals, Priorities, and Resources (The Dirty Little Secret about Power)

Lesson 6: Building Effective Relationships: The Art of Finding and Developing Your Allies

Lesson 7: Strategies for Making Mutually Profitable Trades

Lesson 8: Influencing Your Boss

Lesson 9: Influencing Difficult Subordinates

Lesson 10: Working Cross Functionality: Leading and Influencing a Team, Task Force or Committee

Lesson 11: Influencing Organizational Groups, Departments, and Divisions

Lesson 12: Influencing Colleagues

Lesson 13: Initiating or Leading Major Change

Lesson 14: Indirect Influence

Lesson 15: Understanding and Overcoming Organizational Policies

Lesson 16: Hardball: Escalating to Tougher Strategies When You Can No Longer Catch Flies with Honey

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