2 Days

Course Overview

While conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development, learning to identify, understand, and handle the various sources of conflict will help to manage conflict effectively and safely. These learned skills are invaluable not only in a business environment but in personal relationships as well. In this course, you will learn how your personal conflict strategy works then take a deeper look at what conflict is, how it starts, and what can cause escalation. Then we will look at different ways to deescalate those same conflicts. Finally, we will focus on creating effective plans for how these situations can be handled in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what conflict is and how it can escalate.
  • Understand the types of conflict and the stages of conflict.
  • Recognize the five most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them.
  • Increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
  • Develop effective techniques for intervention strategies.
  • Become more confident of your ability to manage conflicts to enhance productivity and performance.

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