Course Length: 2-days

Course Description

Negotiating is about resolving differences. People who can master the process of negotiation find they can save time and money, develop a higher degree of satisfaction with outcomes at home and at work, and earn greater respect in their communities when they understand how to negotiate well.

Negotiating is a fundamental fact of life. Whether you are working on a project or fulfilling support duties, this workshop will provide you with a basic comfort level to negotiate in any situation. This interactive workshop includes techniques to promote effective communication and gives you techniques for turning confrontation into mutual problem solving.

The course also includes, The Negotiating Style Profile (NSP), a comprehensive training tool providing a complete picture of one's dominant negotiating style.

Course Objectives

Understand your dominate negotiation style and how it effects a “win-win” philosophy.

Examine how often we all negotiate and the benefits of good negotiation skills

Recognize and understand your own needs and those of the other person

Employ a negotiation framework that encourages a positive outcome for both parties

Learn the importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances

Examine the various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages

Learn strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics

Skills in developing alternatives and recognizing options

Basic negotiation principles, including BATNA, WATNA, WAP and the ZOPA

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is Negotiation?

Lesson 2: The Successful Negotiator

Lesson 3: Preparing for Negotiation

Lesson 4: The Nuts and Bolts

Lesson 5: Making the Right Impression

Lesson 6: Getting Off to a Good Start

Lesson 7: Exchanging Information


Lesson 8: The Bargaining Stage

Lesson 9: Reaching Mutual Gain

Lesson 10: Moving Beyond “No”

Lesson 11: Dealing with the Negative Emotions

Lesson 12: Moving from Bargaining to Closing

Lesson 13: Solution Types

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