Course length: 3-days

 Course Description

An estimated $1,400 per employee is spent on training annually, with training consuming 2.72 percent of total payroll budget for the average company. With such a large amount of funds at stake, HR managers, department managers and anyone responsible for training programs must develop the right programs to meet both the employee and company objectives; otherwise, these funds are virtually wasted. This workshop is about how to assess, develop, implement, and measure an effective training program.

Course Outline

Examine four steps involved when training an employee

Employee Orientation

In-house training


External Training

Types of Training

Technical or Technology Training

Quality Training

Soft Skills Training

Professional Training and Legal Training

Team Training

Managerial Training

Safety Training

Training and Delivery Methods

On the Job Coaching Training Delivery

Mentoring and Coaching Training Delivery

Brown Bag Lunch Training

Web-Based Training

Job Shadowing

Job Swapping

Vestibule Training

International Assignment

Designing a Training Program To Meet Company Needs

Training Program Framework Development

Needs Assessment

Learning Objectives

Learning Styles

Delivery Mode


Delivery Style


Content Development



Measuring Effectiveness

Career Development Programs and Succession Planning