Course length:  1-day

Course Description

Microsoft Office Word is Microsoft’s popular word processing program that allows users to produce professional-looking documents. Word offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and document management tools.

The Essentials course is designed for students who desire to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, present, and print basic Word documents. This class covers beginner to intermediate tools in Word and is appropriate for students who have never used the program as well as students who are self-taught and want to explore more efficient ways of doing things.

Highlights of the course include information on getting started with Word and creating, editing, and formatting documents as well as shortcuts and time-saving tips that will help users cut their efforts in half.


Before attending this course, students must have:

Basic computer knowledge

Windows file management skills

Comfort using a mouse and keyboard

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Getting Started

  • Components of Word Interface
  • Create, Save, and Share a Document
  • Use Document Views
  • Help Features

Lesson 2 – Editing a Document

  • Navigate and Select Text
  • Modify Text
  • Find and Replace Text

Lesson 3 – Formatting Text and Paragraphs

  • Apply Character Formatting
  • Align Text Using Tab Stops
  • Control Paragraph Layout
  • Apply Borders and Shading
  • Apply Styles and Themes
  • Manage Formatting

Lesson 4 – Controlling Text Flow

  • Control Paragraph Flow
  • Insert Section Breaks
  • Insert Columns
  • Create and Format Text Boxes
  • Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow

Lesson 5 – Adding Tables and Charts

  • Insert a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Convert Text to a Table
  • Insert a Chart
  • Modify a Chart

Lesson 6 – Managing Lists

  • Display Text as Lists
  • Sort a List
  • Renumber a List
  • Customize a List

Lesson 7 – Adding Graphics and Media

  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  • Add Images
    • Local Images
    • Online Images
    • Screenshots
  • Insert Graphics
    • Shapes
    • Word Art
    • Smart Art
    • 3-D Models
    • Icons
  • Insert Videos

Lesson 8 – Controlling Page Appearance

  • Apply Page Borders and Color
  • Add Watermarks
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Control Page Layout

Lesson 9 – Finishing Touches

  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Use Other Proofing Tools
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Auto Correct Dialog Box
  • Printing a Document

Lesson 10 – Using Templates

  • Word Templates
  • Creating a Document from a Template
  • Creating and Modifying Templates
  • Attaching a Template to a Document
  • Managing Templates



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