Taking Microsoft Word to the next level.

Course length: 1-day

Course Overview

Microsoft Word is a common tool used in creating documents for personal and professional use.  Beyond Word takes users well past the basics of Word and into advanced features of formatting confidential text, creating better alignment within documents, collaboration processes, and even web page design.


Word 365 - What Can WORD Do For You


Collaborating on Documents

  • Modify User Information
  • Share a Document
  • Work with Comments
  • Compare Document Changes
  • Track Changes
  • Merge Document Changes
  • Manage Document Versions

Using References

  • Insert Citations for Bibliography
  • Create a Bibliography
  • Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Insert Captions and Reference Tables
  • Create an Index
  • Create and Modify a Table of Contents
  • Insert Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
  • Create a Cover Page
  • Manage Outlines
  • Create a Master Document

Inserting Contents Using Quick Parts

  • Insert Building Blocks
  • Create and Modify Building Blocks
  • Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Securing a Document

  • Suppress Information
  • Set Editing Restrictions
  • Add a Digital Signature
  • Restrict Permissions


  • Create a Form
  • Manipulate a Form
  • Form Data Conversions


  • Record and Run a Macro
  • Add a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

Mail Merge

  • Create a Document for Multiple Recipients
  • Use a Recipients List
  • Create an Email for Multiple Recipients

Designing a Webpage Using SWAY

  • Create a Webpage
  • Format a Webpage
  • Save a Webpage as a Template
  • Share a Webpage

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