1 day

This course takes a look at the free PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel 2016. Its aim is for all users of PowerPivot to get a good grasp of how its features are set and how it works. It covers interface features, techniques for manipulating PowerPivot data, how to create PowerPivot reports, the structure of DAX functions, and ways to distribute PowerPivot data.


General Excel and Report building skills

Excel Level 1

Excel Level 2

Excel Level 3

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPivot

  • Topic A: Enable and Navigate
  • Topic B: Import Data from Various Data Sources
  • Topic C: Refresh Data from a Data Source
  • Topic D: Create Linked Tables

Lesson 2: Manipulating PowerPivot Data

  • Topic A: Organize and Format Tables
  • Topic B: Create Calculated Columns
  • Topic C: Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data
  • Topic D: Create and Manage Table Relationships

Lesson 3: Creating PowerPivot Reports

  • Topic A: Create PivotTables
  • Topic B: Create PivotCharts
  • Topic C: Create PowerViews
  • Topic D: Filter Data Using Slicers
  • Topic E: Present PivotTable Data Visually

Lesson 4: Using DAX Functions in PowerPivot

  • Topic A: Manipulate PowerPivot Data Using DAX Functions
  • Topic B: Extract Data from Tables Using Functions
  • Topic C: Work with Time Dependent Data

Lesson 5: Distributing PowerPivot Data

  • Topic A: Protect Reports
  • Topic B: Save Reports in Different File Formats