Course length: 1/2 day(s)

Course Description

The more you know . . .”Knowledge is power” is a popular phrase, but it is still true. There is a need for business intelligence in order to make informed decisions. Consider what types of business intelligence you can discover from your Excel data.

Business intelligence is information that helps you to operate your organization more effectively. Collect as much data as you can, but limit what you analyze to what matters for the decision you want to make. 

The topics in the Pivot Tables course are all related to managing data lists and using those lists to create pivot table reports that will help you analyze your data.

Course Content

  • Use the Name Box to navigate in data lists
  • Change Move Direction and streamline the process for inputting data
  • Use Screen Copy to create images from your data lists
  • View Multiple Sheets and compare data
  • Create Custom List to streamline the input process
  • Convert Text to Columns to break data down into smaller bits
  • Change Sort Order from Normal to Custom
  • AutoFill Numbers to number a list
  • Learn AutoFill shortcuts
  • Create a Data Table List to preserve the integrity of the data list
  • Create PivotTable and analyze your data


  • Add to PivotTable to customize the report
  • Change the information in the Pivot Table
  • Change Calculation Functions
  •  Change Names in Heading
  •  Format PivotTable to enhance appearance
  •  Use Filtering in a Table
  •  Use Page Fields to show only desired information
  •  Refresh Table to update after changes to the original data
  •  Change Order of display
  •  Sort in PivotTable
  •  Add Sheet of Detail and reveal the backup to your numbers
  • Create PivotChart to create a visual presentation
  • Subtotals to add additional calculations
  •  Change Detail to group data

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