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This class will help you build the tools to initiate a networking plan with specific goals, establish relationships that are meaningful and long-term, use electronic media to expand your network, and develop ways to promote yourself through your networking. Knowing how to network is an important skill for everyone to have. To get a new job, secure a promotion, publicize your favorite cause, or build a business, you have to create a networking strategy. Everyone has a personal networking style, and this workshop will help you understand your style, and design an approach that will work for you.

Class Outline

Part 1: Understanding Successful Networking

Part 2: Building Networking Relationships

Part 3: Refining Your Professional Presence

Part 4: Bell-Ringing Telephone Techniques

Part 5: Networking via E-Mail and the Internet

Part 6: The Networking Power of Self-Promotion

Part 7: Special Networking Challenges: Novices and Veterans

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Identify four forms of communication

Lesson 2:  Self-assessment, “What’s My Communication Style?”

Lesson 3: Learn how “speed read” another person’s communication style

Lesson 4: Understand how to adopt your style to improve communication with others

Lesson 5:  Reflect on the impact that personal behavior preferences have previously had or are currently having in the student’s personal and professional life.

Lesson 6:  Determine an action plan to use newly acquired knowledge of communication styles to improve existing personal and professional relationships

Lesson 7:  Acknowledge and examine the impact of differing individual styles represented by existing teams within the organization.

Lesson 8:  Creating Positive Relationships

Lesson 9:  Communication Basics

Lesson 10:  Communication Barriers

Lesson 11:  Asking Questions

Lesson 12:  Listening Skills

Lesson 13:  Body Language

Lesson 14:  Frame of reference

Lesson 15:  Techniques for the workplace

Lesson 16:  Assertiveness

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