Course Length: 1 day

Course requires a minimum of four students

Course Description

Lean to collaborate effectively, draw on the team’s full diversity of thinking and talent and apply Whole Brain® Thinking to improve their team interactions and outcomes.

A team is usually formed because one person cannot do it alone, and Whole Brain® teams can bring tremendous value to an organization. In one example, a company found that teams comprising the full spectrum of thinking styles were not structured or managed properly, the “team” can end up being just a collection of people working alone.

While teams succeed or struggle for a variety of reasons, one critical success factor is how well the team takes advantage of its available thinking preferences to take on challenges and tasks. Whole Brain® Thinking can dramatically impact the ability of a team to unleash and combine the best thinking and talents of individual team members so that the team works together as a whole – one that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

ThinkAbout Teams is a group learning program. Each participant receives a personal ThinkAbout Teams workbook and a copy of the Team’s HBDI® Team Profile Package. This 16 page confidential package contains a graphic presentation of the composite and average profile preference, map and adjective pair’s preference map. These maps display how the team shifts thinking under pressure, or in an emergency. The rank and order of key descriptor’s and work elements. Participants will be provided with the Twenty Questions Values Comparison as part of the exercise.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the value of diverse thinking in teams
  • Explore the team’s HBDI® Profile, including the team’s collective thinking strengths and challenges
  • Use Whole Brain® Thinking to strengthen the team’s interactions and performance
  • Access the team’s level of Whole Brain® functionality, pinpointing opportunities for improvement and identifying other strengths
  • Plan a real project using Whole Brain® approach

The Value of Team Diversity

Exploring Your Team Profile

Building the Right Team

Go Team, Go!

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