Course length:  1-day

Course Description

Microsoft’s Office Access is Microsoft’s popular database program.  Microsoft Access is an information management tool that allows you to store, report, and analyze information within a relational database. If you're trying to use Excel to manage large amounts of information, then chances are Microsoft Access will be helpful to you. Access makes it easy to keep track, organize, and sort your data.

This advanced course builds upon intermediate Microsoft Access skills to help students become power users.

In this advanced Microsoft Access course, students will delve deeper into the program by studying how to manage a database, create macros, write SQL queries, split databases for multi-user environments; and much more.


Access Level 1 Foundation or have equivalent knowledge.

Access Level 2 Intermediate or have equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

Managing Your Database

Advanced Query Tasks

Creating Basic Macros

Advanced Macro Tasks

Creating Navigation Forms

Creating Modal Dialog Boxes

Splitting the Database


Before testing you will need:

  • Access Level 1 Foundation
  • Access Level 2 Intermediate
  • Access Level 3 Advanced

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