Course length:  1-day

This is the second part of a two-level course, and is intended to build on foundational knowledge. We will cover how to complete advanced form design tasks, add data validation, explore macros, better manage databases, secure databases, and much more.

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable managing existing databases and completing light database development and management work. Users should also know how to find information about databases and use the validation techniques covered to ensure the integrity of the data that is collected.



Access Level 1 or equivalent knowledge


Course Outline


Lesson 1: Implementing Advanced Form Design

Topic A: Add Controls to Forms

Topic B: Set Form Controls

Topic C: Create Subforms

Topic D: Organize Information with Tab Pages

Topic E: Enhance Navigation with Forms

Topic F: Format a Form

Topic G: Apply Conditional Formatting


Lesson 2: Using Data Validation

Topic A: Form and Field Validation

Topic B: Data Validation Using Controls


Lesson 3: Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

Topic A: Create a Macro

Topic B: Restrict Records Using a Condition

Topic C: Validate Data Using a Macro

Topic D: Automate Data Entry Using a Macro

Topic E: Convert a Macro to VBA


Lesson 4: Using Advanced Database Management

Topic A: Link Tables to External Data Sources

Topic B: Manage a Database

Topic C: Determine Object Dependency

Topic D: Document a Database

Topic E: Analyze the Performance of a Database


Lesson 5: Distributing and Securing a Database

Topic A: Split a Database for Multiple User Access

Topic B: Implement Security

Topic C: Passwords

Topic D: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File

Topic E: Package a Database with a Digital Signature


Lesson 6: Managing Switchboards

Topic A: Create a Database Switchboard

Topic B: Modify a Database Switchboard

Topic C: Set Startup Options


Before testing you will need:

  • Access Level 1 Foundation
  • Access Level 2 Intermediate

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