Course Length: 4 days

Course Overview

Owing to the large number of devices predominant today, cross-platform designing is the need of the hour, and Angular addresses this with much grace. This course will walk you through the step-by-step approach to web development using Angular. On successful completion of the course, you will be equipped with all the skills needed to build industry-level applications.

Target Audience

If you are a web developer who wants to explore the new features like SPA, Routing and so on that Angular provides, you should definitely go for this course.


Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript

Course Outline

Module 1: Building Simple Applications

  • A Primer on Angular and TypeScript
  • Getting Started with Building the Fitness App
  • The 7 Minute Workout Model

Module 2: Binding in Angular

  • The Angular 2 Binding Infrastructure
  • Exploring Angular Modules
  • Angular 2 Security
  • Angular Pipes
  • Adding the Next Exercise Indicator Using ngIf

Module 3: SPA, Routing, and Data Flows, in Depth

  • Exploring Single-Page Application Capabilities
  • Angular Dependency Injection
  • Tracking Workout History
  • Fixing the Video Playback Experience
  • Cross-Component Communication Using Angular Events

Module 4: Personal Trainer

  • App Model Scope and Requirements
  • Personal Trainer Navigation with Routes
  • Implementing Workout and Exercise Lists
  • Building a Workout
  • Angular Forms

Module 5: Supporting Server Data Persistence

  • Angular and Server Interactions
  • Personal Trainer and Server Integration
  • Updating the Router Guards
  • Performing CRUD on Exercises/Workouts
  • Cross-Domain Access and Angular
  • Fixing the 7 Minute Workout App

Module 6: Directives

  • Classifying Directives and Building a Remote Validator
  • Building a Busy Indicator Directive
  • Understanding Directive Injection
  • Dependency Injection Using view provider
  • Component Styling and View Encapsulation

Module 7: Some Practical Scenarios

  • Bootstrapping an Angular Application
  • Application Performance
  • Handling Authentication and Authorization