Increasing Your Productivity Through the Effective Use of Microsoft Outlook

Course Length 1/2 day

Course Description

This half-day hands-on course will show you the best practices involving managing your time using Microsoft Outlook and will help you understand the tools you have at your fingertips that can help bring balance to your life.


Basic PC knowledge including file management skills.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Time Management

Module 2: Microsoft Outlook Essentials for Time Management

  • Turn Email into Tasks, Calendar Entries, And Contacts
  • Insert Documents and Emails into Your Tasks Calendars, And Contacts
  • Use Colors
  • Get to Know Your Rules Wizard
  • Auto-Send Emails to Folders Based on Sender, Content or Keyword
  • Find Information Quickly Using Advanced Find
  • Print to A Franklin Planner Layout
  • Plan A Group Meeting

Module 3: Weekly and Daily Planning

  • Introduction to Weekly and Daily Planning
  • Set Up the Master Task Area
  • Set Up A Prioritized Daily Task List
  • Set Up Your Weekly Compass in Outlook

Module 4: Microsoft Outlook Extras

  • Add the Advanced Toolbar to Display View Options
  • Prioritize Within Key Area Categories
  • Hide Completed Tasks
  • Turn Off Reminders
  • Set Up an ABC Priority Field
  • Show My “A” Priorities Across All Categories