½ day

Anyone working in Excel will inevitably encounter source materials that are far from ideal. In fact, many Excel users spend hours cleaning and preparing data for analysis. Typos, extra or missing white spaces, formatting issues, and erroneous fields are just a handful of issues that have to be dealt with in order for subsequent analysis to be meaningful and accurate. Fortunately, there are many tools and techniques you can find in Excel to help make data cleaning faster and much less painful.


Excel Part1

Excel Part 2

Course Outline

In this half day course you will learn how to:

Use filters to remove unwanted information

Find and fix inconsistent and invalid data values

Manage Duplicates

Count and highlight Duplicate values and/or rows

Remove duplicates

Count, find, treat and remove Blanks

Find and Highlight Errors in Formulas

Use Formulas to Clean Data

Remove spaces and Non printing characters from data


Merge or split data

Extract only part of a value

Change text case

Create custom date values to display month name or day of week

Convert numbers stored as text to numbers

Transpose and restructure data